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In the news!

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Things have been rather hectic on my end of late, so I haven’t had as much time to update the blog. That doesn’t mean that I’ve been without news, however. Quite the opposite, in fact: I’ve been IN the news! This past week, I was featured in the local newspaper’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame column for a few different things, including but not limited to Hub City Survival. Check it out! In addition to that, I’ve been rehearsing since November for A Streetcar Named Desire in which I play the role of Eunice Hubbell. That has been going on this week until Sunday. If you’re in the Moncton area, the shows are tomorrow night at 7 PM, Sunday afternoon at 2 PM and Sunday evening at 7 PM. Check out the newspaper article, and then check out Hub City Theatre‘s website! I’m of course still working on some writing… more on that once the play’s through! Please follow and like...

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