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I will genuinely miss you, 2015.

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So I said that 2014 was quite a year, and it was. 2014 was a mixed bag of good and bad; it was a year of extremes on both sides of the spectrum. 2015 wasn’t without its rough and difficult moments–not by a long shot–but, on the whole, it was a genuinely amazing year and I’m sorry to see it go. Here are some of the highlights. Last New Year’s Eve, I went into very early labour, then spent the following four days waiting for my sweet baby to appear. Nearly a year has passed since she was born, which I find hard to believe. Everyone told me the time would go by quickly, but I wasn’t ready for the truth of that. The first 3 months were slow because I was asleep about half the amount of time I normally would be, but then the time started whizzing by and before I knew it, 2016 appeared. In a few days, she’ll be a year old. In summary, having a baby has been kind of the coolest thing ever and I’m so excited to see what kind of person Amelia has grown into by the end of 2016. In February, I received my university diploma in the mail, at long last. This was a particularly big deal because I never really thought I’d be able to come back and finish things for good, but I did. I’ve had the opportunity, this year, to work on more creative projects than I would normally have the energy for. I’m very much an introvert, which is difficult, because I’m also very outgoing. The two may sound contradictory. To put it simply: I love people, but they exhaust me on many levels. This means that when I’m working with people, I use up all of my energy on them and have very little left for myself. It typically doesn’t matter which people they are, unless they’re my daughter or my husband. Even if they’re close friends, I find myself easily “peopled out”. Being out of energy usually means that I’m not always able to devote myself to the creative pursuits I’d like to because I simply can’t muster up the energy. So, because of this, I don’t focus on creative projects as much as I want to when I’m working as I would when not. As someone who spends a lot of time in the clouds, this is hard on me. 2015, being the year I took 100% off from work, became a year that I did some new things creatively, and came up with loads of new ideas. While I didn’t make any headway on any novels, I did some really fun new stuff. One of those things was Retail Hell, a comic I’ve been wanting to write for a long time. I’ve been updating it every Wednesday since June, and it’s been a lot of fun. If you’ve ever worked retail or are curious about those who do, I’d encourage you to take a look. It’s got a few twists and also deals with a retail worker’s life outside of the daily grind. Since August, I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations about the state of the province of New Brunswick and our bilingual culture as a result of a Facebook rant I wrote. It was given a lot of attention at the time, as it was published, purposely, on the Fête des Acadiens–the 15th of August. There’s not much I can say about it here that hasn’t been said already, but I’d be happy to talk with others about it if it comes up. I’ll say it. I have to. Undertale has been a much bigger highlight for me than I expected it to be. I was having a bit of a rough time from October through early December, and wow was that game a positive thing for me. I played it knowing that it was popular. I expected it to be good, but I didn’t expect to actually fall in love with the game. I didn’t expect to still be thinking about it through the...

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