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Project updates

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Hello! Holy smokes. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Being a stay-at-home mom 4 days of the week and a night-shift waitress for the other 3 has left little time for much else. Except Pokémon GO. I have been trying to pick away at various projects as much as I can. Trying to do this while also doing Normal Adult Things like paying bills and feeding my family has made creative work a bit more slow-going than usual, but here’s an update on how things are going nevertheless! Retail Hell – This is certainly my most successful project to date! I’ve now been working on Retail Hell, my webcomic, for over a year with no end in sight. I’ve seen a huge spike in followers lately–over 300 since the beginning of July–so I feel the project has truly lifted off now. I’ve also switched to digital art. I’m still actively writing a comic a week and may, eventually, do more. I’d certainly like to! Mushroom and Anchovy – This is a trilogy of novels that I wrote many years ago and have pondered on ever since. I’ve never been completely sure of what I should do with them. I’ve decided to compile them into a single three-part novel and crowd fund through Inkshares! This way, I can keep the book as it is–a silly, strange oddity–and distribute it to anyone interested in reading it. I’m not really sure who the target audience is, but if you want to take a look at it, you can read the first chapter for free and without signing up for anything at the link above. At 50 followers, I’m going to begin my crowd funding campaign. Population: 1, Redux – Ahhhhh. Uhhh. Okay, hear me out. So, I’ve reached a level of massive scope creep. I blame Undertale. Pop: 1 was going to have a few endings and just be the absolute bare minimum of what I’d originally wanted. After playing Undertale, I decided I wanted to put more effort in. Now, it’s blown up and has over 15 endings, and I’m not even close to finished. I like to think this will be worth it, but I know about 3 people will actually play the finished product, so I’m just kind of hoping I feel accomplished by the end of it. Maybe. So, I’ve given up on a release date. Population: 1 will be released when it’s released. It will be unnecessarily large, but it will finally be in the form it should have been when I first wrote it. This blog – Well, I’d be lying if I said I was working hard on it. Truth be told, the blog has sadly taken a backburner to everything else going on in my life. I absolutely haven’t given up on writing in it and have a few drafts I’ve been trying to whittle away at. I’ll update when I can! Makeup??? – Having less time for writing has meant I’ve turned my creative endeavours in another direction and I’ve decided to use makeup as an outlet. If you’re curious, take a mosey over to my Instagram account. I’ve been doing themes since I went back to work to keep things fresh on the weekends. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot! Patreon – I’ve decided to start up a Patreon account in an attempt to help further my projects along. Anything I make–no matter how small–goes directly to my projects. Hilda Hobbletoes – This project was placed heavily on the backburner and is simmering as a future children’s book. It’s still being thought of, so I hope you can look forward to future updates. Amelia – Of course the reason for my being so busy is because I’m raising an intelligent, engaged little girl! She’s always up to something. Lately she’s started really talking and it seems like she has a new word every day! She’s nearly 20 months old now–over a year and a half–and I’m not really sure where the time is going. A few weeks ago, I was invited...

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