6 ways that being a new parent will give you a workout

Dropping baby weight has been shockingly simple, mainly because I have been chasing after a little one (who isn’t even mobile yet) all day. Here are my workouts of choice that have helped me rebuild some of the muscle I lost while sitting and napping the third trimester away.

1. Go-to-sleep squats

Naptime involves about 100 of these. They have to be pretty deep, too. Something about the up-and-down movement helps get Amelia to sleep like nothing else.

2. Please-stop-crying stair climbing

During fussy evening periods, a sure-fire way to calm the crying is to go up and down the stairs. This will often soothe her to sleep, too. Sometimes it can┬átake as many as six (or more!) “sets” of going up and down the stairs to calm her and get her to sleep. Fantastic workout. I’m often somewhat sweaty and puffing by the time I get back upstairs after about the fifth set. It complements the fact that I haven’t had a shower in days perfectly.

3. The grinning baby lift

To tone those arm and shoulder muscles, grab your baby and lift high up by the armpits. Hopefully your baby will reward your efforts with a huge, adorable smile. Be warned, though, that you may get a faceful of spit-up instead.

4. The all day 10(+) pound weight carry

I don’t know about you, but my baby really hates being put down during the day. So, if I’m not wearing her in the Ergo Baby, I’m carrying her around. This is the equivalent of carrying around a ten+ pound (currently 12 lb.) weight all day.

5. The baby-is-asleep-time-to-do-chores marathon

I used to take all day to do a couple of chores. Even if it was a day off from work, I’d spread them out between periods of reading articles on the internet and other various time wasters. Now, I can cram chores that would take me a cumulative 2-3 hours to do into a solid 45-minute straight multi-tasking chore extravaganza.

6. Two words: bucket seats

So a car seat with a baby in it is pretty much the HEAVIEST THING EVER. The end.

What new moves have you had to master as a new parent?

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  1. The grinning baby lift is a winner for me! I’ve never had toned arms like I do now! If you want to work on your chest lay on the floor, the giggles are worth it!

  2. The two arm bathroom bust – Where you’re holding a cranky 1 year old in one arm while using the other to lift your 3 year old onto the toilet….then off again because they wanted to check their progress. Then on again. Than off again. usually about 4 repetitions.

    The catch and carry. – Said toddler runs into your arms and wants to be air lifted dirty dancing style and whipped around then down again.- repeat

    The Stair climber – no explanation necessary.

    Diaper dodge – Wrangling a very busy 1 year old into a clean (or out of a dirty – ew) Diaper. – this one generally requires the use of all four limbs and an elbow.

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