Mushroom and Anchovy press release

Mushroom and Anchovy press release

Local Writer K. M. Cooper’s Next Book, Mushroom and Anchovy, in the Works


JUNE 29 2017, MONCTON, NB – Local writer K. M. Cooper, author of Moncton-based zombie novella Hub City Survival, is currently seeking to get her next book published. Mushroom and Anchovy, a three-part steampunk adventure novel, is currently being funded through Inkshares, a book-specific crowdfunding platform that professionally publishes books through a preorder system.

Mushroom and Anchovy follows the journeys of Patricia “Anchovy” Finnigan and Vladimir “Mushroom” Kalkov, professional adventurers. Their adventuring company, the Panzerotti Group, organizes hunts and adventures to locate fabled or lost items. Mushroom and Anchovy work together for the first time to locate jewels, but find a lot more. When a fellow agent is murdered, they have to learn to work together, and fast. Especially since anything can happen in a cursed cave…

Inkshares is a crowdfunding platform that helps writers with interested audiences get professionally published. At 250 preorders, the book will receive a light publishing package, complete with some editing and digital distribution, and at 750, a full package, including graphic and cover design, as well as promotion and distribution to brick and mortar bookstores.

The novel is also entered in the Launchpad contest, which seeks new ideas and new author voices in the publishing and entertainment worlds. Placing in the top three of this contest will also guarantee Mushroom and Anchovy’s publication. A number of well-known producers are analyzing the submissions. More information is available for the Launchpad Contest at

Ebooks are available for preorder at $10 USD, and print copies for $20 USD, through Inkshares at Readers can also enjoy the first three chapters at no charge at that link. The campaign will be going until early September, after which point the project will receive publication if the 250-750 goal is met.

Cooper can be reached at for further information.


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