Now that I’m met with a little more free time before the little one arrives, I’m going to focus on some of my ongoing, current, in-the-works, and brand new projects! Without school in the way, I actually have time to work on them.

Population: 1

I know this project has actually been complete for some time, but I’ve been in a slow process of re-purposing the project to something a little different. It was intended, originally, to be an interactive blog, but since I’ve discovered Twine and how to use it, I’ve learned that Population: 1 was meant for that platform all along! So, it is slowly being re-purposed to a game. If you want to check out the original blogs in the meantime, you may understand what I mean!

Hilda Hobbletoes

This is a project I’m really excited about! I’ve teamed up with local artist Lis Plante, who is doing some beautiful artwork, and we’re slowly but surely crafting a world of gnomes, fantasy, and adventure. Our main character is a gnomish miner named Hilda Hobbletoes, and her adventure will also be on Twine. We’re starting with one story for now, but we’re going to see where that takes us, and perhaps move on from there.

Short Story Challenge

I might be crazy for doing this, but I signed up for a short story competition that will begin the week after my due date. My short stories have been pretty stagnant lately, though, so this will be a fun challenge. Plus, maybe being in the “sleep-deprived new mom” stage will make for some interesting, if a bit weird, short story ideas…

A Couple of Dreamers

I’ve been working on this novel for a couple of years now, and I hope to have the draft completed in the near future. It’s a short novel, directed at kids around 12-14 years old. The novel went on the back burner while I focused on school this year, but I’m hoping to pick it back up and complete it before long.

Retail Hell

This one has been on the very back burner–more like under the broiler on low, if you will. I’ve had the concept of a retail-based webcomic in mind for nearly three years now, but being that I’m no artist, I haven’t gone past the planning stages. I hope to change that eventually, but for now, I’m just gradually adding to the story as time goes on.

Those are all of my current, large-scale projects. I’m really excited about all of them, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would likely be Hilda’s story. It’s exciting to be collaborating with other artists doing work I’m interested in, and Lis has been a pleasure to work with!

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