Being pregnant isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Being pregnant isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Society tells you a lot of things, and one of the things I have always understood is that being pregnant sucks. It comes with a plethora of aches and pains, illness and vomiting, constant fatigue and raging hormones. I never looked forward to being pregnant–it was something that was always kind of looming in the distance. That is, until I actually experienced it.

The first few months were a bit rough; I’m not going to lie. I’m not much of a napper, and I napped a lot more during that time than I would in a whole year. But, though I was tired, I wouldn’t consider the exhaustion to be crippling. I also never really experienced morning sickness–I would be nauseous for maybe a half an hour a day, and either eating something or sucking on a Gin Gin would make the nausea fade as quickly as it had appeared. I never threw up once–which is great, because puking scares me. By week 8, I found myself wondering when the “real nausea” was going to kick in. I was surprised when, a couple of weeks later, it started to fade altogether.

Now, I’m not trying to brag by any means, and I know that every pregnancy is different. It’s just that the warnings I had heard through just about every medium I can think of all led to “pregnancy sucks, and you will hate it”. And, to be honest, I really don’t hate being pregnant at all. Actually, I’m really enjoying my pregnancy. Except for the fact I can’t drink beer.

I’m also not saying that I don’t have any symptoms, because I certainly do. For the first three and a half months or so, I was a bit of a hormonal mess. I cried a lot and my anxiety was especially pronounced. I was miserable because I couldn’t imagine getting through another five months of work before getting to maternity leave. But, I was also trying to plan for the future. We weren’t in a good financial position to have a baby, and we’re still not. I was actively in the process of finishing my degree before the baby gets here–which I’m on track to do, but the deadline and the stress were predominant throughout. Despite all this, though, my husband and I are very happy. Maybe the Beatles were on to something with “All you Need is Love”, after all.

Other horror stories I had heard hearkened of rude people, offering unsolicited advice and asking judgmental questions. This is another thing that simply hasn’t happened, luckily. In fact, strangers are nicer to me than ever. I have people look at my belly, then up to me with a smile. Cashiers in stores I frequent ask excitedly about the due date, knowing that because I go there often, they’ll eventually see the baby. Customers at work–notably ones I’ve never met–seem genuinely excited for me. Even my yoga class instructors have been kindly suggesting alternative poses for me to assume and asking about my progress every chance they get. I even had a family come up to me and Brad to give us their Crystal Palace tickets so we could win something nice for our daughter-to-be.

I also haven’t been quite as stressed out. Again, the concern of finishing school on time has been an ongoing threat, but it’s also been a reminder for me not to put too much pressure on myself. The pregnancy has also pressed me to get this website going–something I had been planning for some time, but hadn’t been pushing myself to see through. Knowing I won’t have to focus on work or school has been pushing me to be more creative, and I’ve even started a new writing project in a collaborative effort with someone else.

I’ve taken better care of myself than ever before, which maybe sounds a little bad–but I’ve been trying to keep stretch marks away, been taking better care of my teeth, and attending multiple yoga classes per week. I’m at thirty-six weeks and I’m still managing to get to at least two yoga classes per week. Honestly, I wasn’t always taking great care of myself, physically or mentally, before the pregnancy, and thinking of how my choices will affect the two of us immediately and down the road has had a big impact on everything I’ve done. As a result, I feel better than I ever have. I drink lots of water every day now, and have discovered that I’ve probably spent a good part of my life dehydrated–something I never would have guessed.

So, honestly, my pregnancy has been awesome, and I feel great. It’s been really fun getting to feel the baby doing somersaults or whatever else it is she’s doing in there. It’s also fun to imagine what kind of person this little one is going to be–what she’ll look like, her personality, and whether she’ll enjoy the same things her daddy and I do. I’m more nervous for everything that comes after her birth than what leads up to it, but I will honestly be able to look back at the pregnancy as a whole and say I’ve been very lucky, and I’ve had a great experience.

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  1. I am am glad you have had an easy pregnancy and are enjoying it. It is an amazing time and to think you are creating a little human being is amazing in itself. I loved being pregnant and that might have been because I had such easy pregnancies. The worst I ever got was heartburn and then I avoided the foods that caused them.

  2. Good to hear that your pregnancy is something that is enhancing your life! I had the same experience with my two; and, I had been told, the family history of pregnancies in a family are determinants of how things go.

    The first three months were rather ‘blah’, as to energy; but then I felt incredibly focussed and energetic. It’s wonderful to have that extra energy!

    People do get excited about new life and new beginnings. It brings back so many great memories for those of us who have enjoyed those same events. 🙂

    All the best to you and your husband!!


  3. Good to hear you’re feeling well and loving your pregnancy. It’s the beginning of a journey of which I wish all the best of things for you and your family.

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