I’m in the midst of repurposing this blog a bit. Before, it was called “Budgetarian”, in which I would attempt to post meals on a budget. I’ve lost a lot of interest in that and now have been developing much different recipes. I’ll keep up the old posts, and I won’t change them, but expect the posts to come to be focused a lot more on the quality of the food instead of the cost of the food.

Most of these recipes will be easy, because I’m pretty lazy. In the meantime, while I’m getting my act together, feel free to check out my Instagram for my food postings! Almost all of the food I post is food that I have cooked or contributed to in some way. Follow me @thegreenefaerie. I also tweet about food fairly often, so follow me @KCooperWriting for more info.

I have a few recipes and photos that I hope to post in the next few days. Let’s hope, together, that this blog will be more of an inspirational piece in the future!


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