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(Almost) a year later

Posted by on Oct 6, 2011 in Life in Writing | 0 comments

I feel it’s important to note that it’s now been almost a full year since Hub City Survival was first put into print. Since then, over 100 copies have been printed and six stores carry my book. To many authors, that would be a failure. To someone who self-publishes and doesn’t have as much time to promote, nor the means to hire someone for promotion, this is a success! The book is still selling well and I am contacted with relative frequency about restocking. If you’d like a copy, I’ll be selling them online through Paypal for $25 each. Shipping, signing, and a little surprise gift is included! I’ll include a link on the side for future use. Now, my next project, as I stated before, is to write Dahlia’s story. I am in the process of mapping out the entire story, which is quite extensive. As I previously mentioned, however, this will be a story that you can actually interact with. As such, I have created two new blogs: one to tell the story in a completely in character fashion, and an out of character blog to discuss and participate in. Please feel free to follow both blogs if you’re interested! Here is a link to the Population: 1 main blog, and here is the Population: 1 OOC (out of character) blog. I’m really excited about the project and it’s coming together, even if it is taking awhile. I hope it’ll be well worth it! NaNoWriMo is just around the corner, as well. I have an idea for it, but I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll participate this year. Time will tell if my life will be too hectic this year, but I hope it will work out! This weekend I’m getting married and going on a brief honeymoon to Saint Andrews, so I’m hoping the time away from… stuff will replenish some of my decidedly diminished creative pool. Have a wonderful October, if you don’t hear from me by the end of it! Please follow and like...

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Next project

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I’m starting work now on my next project, which will be the spiritual successor to Hub City Survival. There will be no zombies in this one, however there will be a great mystery to unravel, and it will take place again in Canada, this time in the fictional town of Cullingville. I, again, plan on releasing this chapter-by-chapter online, probably through my deviantArt account. This one, however, I plan to be a little different. If you recall, a few posts back I embedded a brief short film/trailer I shot back in April. If you don’t recall, here it is: I’ve decided to use this as a trailer for the project, and my plan for it is to become an online, episodic writing project, akin to what Hub City Survival was, only with a twist: I want people to be involved! Ideally, this story will be semi-interactive, giving the readers a chance to involve themselves in it. My ideal would be to have people give clues by comments in deviantArt to serve as letters or hints, and also to help decide what the main character, Dahlia, is to do through polls. I hope to get started on the project soon, but I’d like some opinions first! Feel free to go and join the discussion on my deviantArt page or to start a separate discussion here! Please follow and like...

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