Unicorn Cave Writer’s Retreat

When: Early autumn/spring, bi-annually

Purpose: to re-center and re-ground, focus inward and gather energy and inspiration from nature for the year ahead.
Where: anywhere hidden from public view. A cabin or tent in the woods is preferred.
Schedule: there should be none. Here is a list of suggested activities:
  • meditation, outdoors or in
  • candle-burning or campfire building
  • photography
  • reading of inspirational materials, such as poetry or novels
  • listening to music
  • hiking or exploring
  • writing, of course!
Rules: there aren’t really any, but staying away from the internet and social media is highly recommended. Having a 24-hour phone ban (excluding emergencies) is also recommended.
Why “Unicorn Cave”?: Unicorns are solitary creatures. Caves are for hiding away out of sight. The Unicorn Cave Writer’s Retreat is your own solitary oasis carved out of your daily life, to spend alone and in reflection, working on whatever you wish. It’s a gift to yourself.
The nice thing about doing a solitary retreat is that you don’t have to limit what kind of writing you do. Work on whatever you want, be it one project or three. Start a new one, or contemplate a forgotten one. You can choose to work on nothing at all and simply gather inspiration. There’s no wrong way to do it.
Time is not the focus. For this brief period, you are a unicorn: you are outside of time. Obligations do not exist outside of yourself. Make yourself your only obligation and revel in that.



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