What’s next?

I have spent the last several months of this year pushing to get my silly adventure-steampunk-comedy trilogy, Mushroom and Anchovy, published through Inkshares, and on Saturday, September 9th, I hit the 250 preorder mark that would greenlight the project.

So… now what?

After spending so much time pushing to make my biggest goal of the year a reality, and succeeding, it’s time for a re-orientation. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at down-time, so once this project was successful, I, of course, had a huge list of what to do next. But because I’m also not very good at stepping back and evaluating things, I’ve just kind of waded into a sea of stuff to do without a whole lot of direction. This is why it’s so important to take a break, but I’ve scheduled my break for later on in the month… meaning I’m a bit burnt out already. But I’m working on it!


Me, swimming in a sea of projects. Drawn in my Passion Planner.

My favourite thing about starting up a Passion Planner earlier this year is that I have a little bit of direction by default and know what my next mini-goal toward my overarching goal will be. And I can draw doodles like this one in the Space of Infinite Possibility.

So, here’s what I’m up to!

A little social media management

My father, Allan Cooper, is an established New Brunswick poet. I have set up a Facebook page for him and am working on helping him spread word of reading events and his new works and projects. I’ve been starting to turn toward the maintenance of his website once again. My husband, actor Brad Butland, is getting a bit of assistance from me as well.

Mystery boxes

For the better part of this year, I’ve been planning little mystery boxes in the background. I’ve done some research and started curating these mystery boxes, and they will be for sale, starting this month at the Riverview Holistic Fair. I’ve dusted off my old etsy page, Lemon Forest, and also have started up a Facebook page for it. This is a little project I started off mostly for fun, and I’m looking forward to giving it a test run at the Holistic Fair next weekend! Take a look on the Facebook page and follow along for updates and pictures over the weeks to come.

Condensing, rebranding

I’m working on my online presence by condensing some of my social media. I’m removing my Population: 1 and Hub City Survival Facebook pages. I have been speaking with a graphic designer/artist and hope to collaborate on a few of my projects. I’m not much of a digital artist, so anything I do in that department usually gets outsourced if I want it to actually, you know, look good. A lot of work needs done–particularly for Patreon/Retail Hell/Lemon Forest–and I can only afford so much at a time, so I’m taking my time and working hard to make my work look more appealing!

Meal plan

I get asked all the time for tips, suggestions, and recipes for going vegetarian or cutting back on meat. This has turned into a longterm project: making a 28-day meal plan filled with tips, life hacks, and more for those interested in pursuing a vegetarian lifestyle, or at least for adding more plant-based meals into their life. I’m hoping to launch this before the end of the year–around late December, all going well–in PDF format. I haven’t fully priced it yet, but I’m looking at around $15 CAD, as it was the price people consistently were willing to pay when I reached out for feedback. I am likely to post about it on Facebook and Patreon when it becomes available!

Unicorn Cave

Autumn is nearly here, which, of course, means that my Unicorn Cave Writer’s Retreat is just around the corner. I’ll be disappearing into the woods on September 28th for a 24-hour retreat involving hiking, campfires, and harvesting ideas for future projects. This will be my second one this year and will mark the one-year anniversary of me taking these retreats. I’m really looking forward to unplugging for a bit, especially after a lengthy “plugged in” period due to the campaign.

Ongoing projects

Retail Hell, as always, is at the forefront. I’ll be working on this one for a long time to come, because it’s an ongoing story. I’m hoping to talk to a graphic designer about prettying up the page a bit. I’m also getting some merchandise together, and hope to have the first of many announcements coming up very soon. Population: 1 Twine Redux is still being worked on, but it’s currently on the backburner while I pursue other things. I’m hoping that one day I’ll just be hit by a lightning bolt of inspiration and I’ll pump the rest of it out!

Oh yeah… and writing

I’m doing that, too! I’m going to be doing some heavy revising, editing, and rewriting of Mushroom and Anchovy over the weeks to come, of course, but I’m also working on a few other projects. I am trying to flesh out some ideas and hammer out the details of others. As well, I’ve been taking an online course to polish some of my poetry, which I haven’t worked much on in the last little while. I have another novel on the back burner–one that I hope to be able to pitch to traditional publishers a year or two down the road. Not to mention, I have a number of blog posts that have been simmering away during a very hectic summer season, and those will be trickling out after a long hiatus over the weeks to come. Keep your eyes on this space!

Do you want to collaborate with me?

I did a guest post on world-building for John Robin’s Epic Fantasy Writer blog this past summer and I had a great time! I love collaborating with other artists through various media–whether big project or small–and would love to hear from you with your proposals.

I will proofread your work!

A little reminder to all readers that I will happily proof and edit your work for a fee. With a bit more free time, I’m actively pursuing clients, and would love to work with you. Please take a look at my list of services and get in contact with me!

So… that’s a lot. As you can probably imagine, time management is my best friend. I’m very happy, though–this is the life I chose and the life I want. Onward!

If you’re interested in purchasing Mushroom and Anchovy, you can do so here! If you want to follow along with the progress of the book’s production, you can do so at the same link by clicking “follow”–you will receive e-mail updates from me.

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