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Dad and Amelia dropped me off at the campsite and the three of us explored for a bit. Then, Dad packed her up, and the two of them left me to my own devices. Time to explore.

otentikchairs2 campsite otentikgouttedo bunny

My campsite and the surrounding area yielded some interesting finds. It seemed the Goutte d’Ô would have been a better option for one person staying alone, but the oTENTik was certainly suitable for my purposes. I also found a friendly hare foraging nearby.

After some exploration, I went back to my campsite, got my bearings, and decided to hit the ground hiking. I made tracks to the Coppermine trail, which was a five-minute walk away.

coopermine1 coppermine2 coppermine3 coppermine4 coppermine7

The Coppermine trail is one of my favourites in the whole park. I walked through the woods and along the coast and saw a number of beautiful and inspiring sights.

 coppermine5 coppermine6

I took a break along the coast for a snack and to take in the scenery.


I very narrowly missed meeting a new friend…

greenorb1 greenorb2 quartz

…And connected with a few others along the way. That quartz stone was just glittering in the sunlight as I rounded the corner. Its beauty struck me. It was covered in veins of dark green moss and had what looked like copper running throughout. I couldn’t capture its brilliance on camera, but I tried.


After my walk, I ran back to my campsite and quickly wrote 5 pages of project notes for a new idea I’d acquired while walking. Night was beginning to fall, so I set about making a campfire.

firestart1 firestart2

This proved a challenge at first. It took me a lot of tries, a wasted firestarter, and half a book of matches before I achieved much success. Some scrap wood on the ground nearby also served as a sort of an extended match. But…

firestart3 firestart4

Before long, I was met with the warmth and success of a happily crackling little fire. Once it was finally lit, it stayed lit for three hours. I sipped an Erdinger, roasted vegan marshmallows and veggie dogs, and contemplated for a long time. 2016 has been a strange year for me, but it led me here, to this moment. Out of the corner of my eye, I spied movement, and a little deer mouse hopped around my feet. I named it Peter.

With a chill in the air and an owl hooting in the distance, I retired into my sleeping bag in the oTENTik and got ready for the morning to follow. I would have to check out of my site at 11, which meant that getting up early to enjoy the day would be imperative. I worked briefly on a novel I have in the works, and then went to sleep.


Good morning! I awoke to the sun shining down across my campsite. I freshened up a touch, and went out to the Point Wolfe observation deck to enjoy a breakfast I had packed. Next time, I hope to make use of the cooking amenities, but this time I had brought some food from home.

breakfast1 breakfast2 breakfast3 breakfast4

 Some veggie dogs from the night before, two hard-boiled eggs, some cold black tea, a banana, and a chive I’d picked from my father’s garden.  I sat there in the sun, reading Thoreau, and when I finished eating, I sprang up to run down another path.

morningwalk morningwalk2 morningwalk3 morningwalk4 morningwalk5 morningwalk6 morningwalk7 morningwalk8

I took a walk down the Shiphaven trail, which is just across from Coppermine and runs in the opposite direction along the coast. I walked all the way down there, across the street to another path, then up through the picnic area. By then, it was time to go. I walked back up to my campsite to pack up and say a final farewell to my retreat. While walking, I tried my best to absorb as much sunlight as I could. I wiggled my fingers and stretched them out toward the light, inviting it to stay. The winter is on its way, and with it comes long periods of cold and silence.


The trees are my preferred place and reconnecting with nature was such a sorely needed thing for me. I’m hoping to make my retreat a bi-annual event and return next spring in an attempt to spur my writing on further.

I’ll leave this with some photos I took for project inspiration. I took quite a few more, though!

insipiration4 inspiration1 inspiration2 inspiration3

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